Jade Braves The Dark

Jade Braves The Dark

Author: Valdene Mark
Publisher: Sugar Apple Books
Pages: 16
On Sale: September 15 2020
Genre: Children
Stars: 3/5

From the Publisher:

Bedtime is here, but Jade is much too scared to fall asleep—who knows what could be hiding in the dark? Jade lets her imagination run away from her, dreaming up all kinds of scary monsters until she is sure she won’t be able to sleep at all.

Luckily, Jade is very brave.

From Me:

For me the artwork was the best part of this book, I loved the sparkly lighting and the rich purples.  The story itself was really simple and light but I don’t feel it connected as well with the message it was trying to send.  Jade was afraid of the dark and she was imagining what could be in it, but if it wasn’t for the moonlight coming in nothing was really resolved.  It didn’t seem to me that it really gave children a way to face their fears; Jade just waited and got lucky.