Elephants Do Not Belong In Trees

Elephants Do Not Belong In Trees

Author: Russ Willms
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pages: 32
On Sale: February 16 2021
Genre: Children’s, Animals, Humor
Stars: 4/5

From the Publisher:

Elephants do not belong in trees. It’s not natural. It makes other animals uncomfortable. This is the story of Larry, an elephant who wanted to live in a tree. This is a story about being the new kid and being a little bit different (okay, A LOT different). A story about acceptance and making friends. When Larry decides he wants to live in the big bushy tree in the middle of the wide-open field, the current residents, Bird, Squirrel and Monkey, are not very welcoming. They throw nuts at him and peck at his head; they tell him to leave and are downright rude. But Larry persists–why can’t he live in the tree? When his new home is threatened by something much bigger than all the animals combined, Larry shows everyone that he cares just as much about the tree as they do.

From Me:

This story was adorable.  The artwork was very simple as was the language, but it was still able to portray the silliness and humor very well.  I know a couple girls who would love this story and the ridiculousness of the elephant in the tree.  Great for children and adults.