Meet Me By The Sea

Meet Me By The Sea

Author:  Taltal Levi
Publisher: NorthSouth Books
Pages: 32
On Sale: February 2 2021
Genre: Children
Stars: 3/5

From the Publisher:

When a spunky little girl finds that her parents are too busy to play, she decides to visit her favorite place on her own.

The familiar path lightens her step and her heart. And along the way she discovers a wonderful surprise.

Taltal Levi’s spare text and delicate pastel-hued illustrations celebrate courage, discovery, and the power of family.

From Me:

The illustrations of this book were very nice, but I’m not sure the actual story is right for children.  The young girl basically feels ignored by her parents so she takes off, camps out in the woods overnight by herself, and then walks to the sea.  Her parents find her and never seemed alarmed, but I don’t think these are good ideas to put in kids’ heads.  In real life there either would have been an Amber Alert or something larger than a fox would have found her. The story had a lot of potential and it was beautiful, I just think it missed its mark.