The Night Is Deep and Wide

The Night Is Deep and Wide

Author:  Gillian Sze
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pages: 20
On Sale: March 16 2021
Genre: Children
Stars: 2/5

From the Publisher:

Rich imagery, gentle rhythm and soothing repetition will lull your little one to sleep as the tulips close for the night, one by one. In this bedtime story written as an Italian villanelle, poet Gillian Sze makes use of the poetic forms of cyclic pattern and rhyme scheme to create a melodious lullaby.

A young child comes in from picking flowers as the creatures around their home all settle down for the evening. Songbirds curl against their mothers’ sides, the house slumps and sighs low, a hush settles as times slows. And little readers are invited to rest their heads and be soothed to sleep as moonlight falls on eyes that close.

From Me:

This seemed to be more like an illustrated poem than a children’s story.  There isn’t anything in the way of plot, it’s just some repeated phrases that are supposed to lull a child to sleep.  The artwork is very bold and graphic; I don’t think it paired well with the soothing language.  It was alright, but not something I’ll be picking up for the children I know.